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ACTION Testimonies

Statement of Fact


March 2016


In February, I received a notice from the DMV stating that I owed $200 of which $100 was for a speeding fine and $100 was for failure to respond to the original notice. According to the notice, this incident occurred on January 1st. When I for the notice, I was surprised regairsing the initial fee, the fine, and the date that it happened. I also said to myself that God would rebuke the devourer for my sake. So when I went to the DMV to contest the fact that I had never received the ticket they sent me so I was not aware of the fine. When I went before the investigator he asked me to state my name & address. After I did that, he said that looking at the photo they had as evidence, they could not tell who was speeding. Myself or the car next to me. He then started preparing a document and it read as follows:


Total due $0.00


Statement of Fact: Respondent denies to the infraction

Findings of fact: In summary “This matter is dismissed given that there are multiple vehicles in the governments photographic evidence traveling in the same direction as the respondent’s vehicle, it can’t be determined with clear and convincing evidence that the respondent’s vehicle was the vehicle speeding.”

Conclusion of Fact: Dismissed


God cancelled this accusation against me. I thank God because he showed & proved that we cover our cars with the blood of Jesus for a reason. His blood silenced the accuser and wiped away this debt. His blood spoke in my behalf because all that I did was state my name and address and he did the rest. He rebuked the devourer for my sake, I paid nothing. The case was dismissed. Thanks be to God who causes us to always triumph. Here ends this testimony, however, I am believing God for more debt cancellation.

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