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of Ministry

Equipping People For Destiny

We are a Bible-based academic training center designed to unleash your full potential in Christ and usher you into your next level in ministry and in the marketplace.  We provide classroom instruction, mentoring,

and experiential guidance in all areas of ministry.

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About the School

The School of Ministry exists to equip Christians develop their ministry gifts.  The School of Ministry provides instructional classes on prayer, biblical teachings, and personal development. The School places an emphasis on equipping for destiny, equipping for purpose, and equipping for breakthroughs.

Over the course of three eight-hour semesters, students are equipped in the discipline of ministry. The end result is the strengthening of gifts, church bodies, and the increase of effective ministers.

Course Syllabus

Early Bird Registration ends October 1, 2018

After October 1, 2018

Become a Host Site

If you believe: 

  • The Holy Spirit is placing an emphasis on ministry within your church

  • God’s people can be taught how to become more effective leaders and use their spiritual gifts as a tool to grow

  • There needs to be systematic ministry training on the five-fold ministry and coupled with live prayer sessions to reinforce the calling placed over the lives of people.


If you want to see:

  • Your congregation excel and receive an impartation in the spirit, in prayer and in ministry

  • A sustained prayer movement of the Holy Spirit that can change your church and region.

  • A practical plan to fulfill ministry within your church


If you want to access:

  • A hybrid training course for all levels of ministry provided by certified instructors.

  • Exemplary curriculum based on a solid Biblical theology on the subject of ministry, spiritual warfare, how to pray, the prophetic, and much, much more.

  • A platform to have your ministers trained based upon their gifts 

What’s involved in being

a host site?

The School of Ministry allows leaders and church families to become host sites for its summer, spring and fall training sessions.  To be a host site, the leaders and church families should meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Agrees to provide eight (8) four-hour blocks of time in its building in the summer, spring and fall semester. Thus, 24 training days per year are earmarked in its facilities for the School of Ministry during a minimum commitment of TWO (2) years.

  • Can provide a large meeting room where a minimum of 30 students can be taught 

  • Each student is responsible for their own fee.

  • Is willing to choose eight (8) leaders from within their congregation to be trained and certified as instructors for the School and intercessory trainers within their region. Four (4) people should be good Bible teachers and four (4) should be gifted intercessors who have public prayer-leading abilities.

  • The church should be a strong church within its region that other congregations look to for wisdom, training, and leadership.

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