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ACTION Testimonies

London Knocking At My Door


April 2016


From the beginning of the year, Bishop Kibby has been talking about it being, “A Year of Restoration.” Also Pastor Seth mentioned on the prayer line that this year would be a “restoration of relationships.” He said, “things will be going well in a relationship and out of nowhere, something just comes along and breaks the friendship for no reason.” So out of nowhere, one of my college friends from London knocks on the door. We had not spoken in years. We were very close in college and many years afterwards. For no apparent reason we just stopped talking, e-mailing or visiting. But I am so excited that the Lord has brought her back into my life. I believe our connection is a direct manifestation of the intense prayers and spiritual exercises throughout the year. The Holy Spirit has prompted me to pray for her several times. But, I was so surprised to see her at my door in person. Now, I know that the Lord is returning me back to my garden of restoration!

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