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ACTION Testimonies

Unexpected Job and Ownership


March 2016


My sister-in-law came to the U.S. last August. She came to ACV for Friday and Sunday services. During one of the services, Bishop Kibby gave her a prophecy. He said that he saw food in her hands and this would be a great blessing for her. When she went back home, she started a new job with a daycare company. She was in charge of the kids’ lunch. She loves the job and thought that it was the one that Bishop was talking about. She called me this month and let me know that she understood Bishop Kibby’s prophecy.


One day this month, she went out with her husband to buy groceries. After they finished, her husband told her to come visit a friend who was opening a new hotel in the area. When they went, the friend was there and let them tour the place. When they got to the restaurant in the hotel, the friend told them that he reserved the hotel restaurant for my sister-in-law to manage! They were not expecting anything like that and her husband told his friend that they would have to think about it. Bishop’s prophecy came immediately into my sister-in-law’s mind and she said that she did not need to think about it, she accepted the offer. The hotel will be opened in June and she is now taking some management classes in order to get ready for the new job.


My sister-in law sent a big thank you to Bishop Kibby and ACV for their prayers. Glory to the Lord! Amen, Amen, Amen!

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