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ACTION Testimonies

I'm Here to Pick You Up


April 2016


The Prayer of the Righteous


Three weeks ago, I invited a friend to church. She and her daughter drove from Howard County 

MD to pick me up. In the midst of the service, my friend announced that it was getting late and 

her daughter needed to go home to finish homework.” Of course, I did not want to leave so I told 

her that I would take the subway home. I walked my friend and her daughter to the car. Ten 

minutes later, they walked back into the church. She said, “The Holy Spirit told me to come back 

and pick you up!” Just as they sat down, Prophet Prince called me up to the front. After Service, 

Pastor Renee shared with me just as you were leaving, Lord please speak to her. Thank God that 

his Holy Spirit moves people’s heart. Being at the right place at the right time really makes a 

difference. I am so grateful to be at ACV. The house of prayer!

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