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ACTION Testimonies

God Sends Angels!


April 2016


Last week I was at a car dealership servicing my mother’s car and while in the waiting room, I began reading my devotional. A woman with a hat on came to sit next to me and God put it on my heart to share my devotional with her. The devotional spoke about God’s care for us and deliverance from fear. The woman proceeded to tell me that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and starting radiation the next day. We began to talk about God and I did my best to encourage her and gave her the devotional, proclaiming that each day, as she reads and goes through her treatment, she will be healed. She asked me to sign it so she could remember the encounter and declared that God sends angels to help us in our time of need.


This touched me so much because it speaks to the power of obedience and how this gospel is not about what we can get all the time, but what we can give, because Jesus is the greatest treasure in all the world! This really put a fire in me to evangelize more because people are really hurting and need to know the power of Jesus and that he cares for them.

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