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ACTION Testimonies

Each One, Plant One


March 2016


My daughter and I pick up bread from Panera Bread that our ministry donates to local shelters. We were at a stop light on King Street in Alexandria, VA, on our way to drop bread off and the light turned green but my car shut off.  It wouldn’t start until after the 3rd attempt.  I said to myself “Really God, Really?” I’m on my way to deliver bread to the homeless shelter and my truck won’t start?  I called upon the blood of Jesus and miraculously the car started. When we arrived to the shelter and the two gentlemen that always help me get the bread out of the truck were there waiting… they asked if they could come to church with me because I was always speaking highly about how powerful Bishop Kibby and Action Chapel Virginia and how God lives at our church.


They asked if they could come to church and I said yes; so I picked them up Sunday for 10am service and they both met Prophet Prince…they got saved on the way back to the shelter because I keep the salvation prayer on my phone. They both read it, and me and my daughter witnessed to them. They each read the prayer and heaven rejoiced.



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