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Empowerment Center

The Action Chapel Virginia Empowerment Center (EC) carries a divine mandate to meet and satisfy the physical, mental, and emotional needs of the community through a myriad of services. Through collaboration and coordination with corporate and civic entities, the services are administered through the departments of the EC, which entail:





Comfort & Crisis

Serve the unmet needs of people experiencing personal crisis and respond with services that promote emotional health and well being.


Bread of Life

After-service bread and pastries distribution to the congregation and community every Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday after the service.


Health & Wellness

Motivate and educate the congregation and community on good health and wellness practices throughout the year. Organize an annual summer Health Fair in Alexandria, VA.


Job Center

Provide information to job-seekers and connect them with needed resources to expand their networks in order to obtain ideal jobs.


Donation Center

Coordinate food baskets and donations for families in need during Thanksgiving and Christmas, as well as Back-To-School supplies.


Legal Assistance

Provide the congregation with legal resources.




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